Monday, March 23, 2009

Because I Can

Since the "Never Sleep in a Fairy Ring" sequel is going to be awhile before it is finished and I can post it. I am posting older art and "stuff".
Here is my Coat of Arms in the SCA with all the bells and whistles that go with being a double Peer and a Baron etc. Originally done for inside a wonderful Henry the VIII style writing desk I was given, this is about 11 x 12 and is what is known as a full accomplishment of Arms.


  1. I love the use of blue in this composition. Is it Cobalt Blue?

  2. I think I used Thalo blue (I love Thalo blue) but it could also be a mix of Thalo and Ultramarine. There is a period Medeival blue that can be faked by mixing those two blues.

  3. i want a full accomplishment of arms. but i want it hindu style. no bells or whistles unless one of my extra arms are holding them!