Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thank You Theddy

I admit I have unrealistic expectations for this Weble thing. If I don't get comments on something I feel it was a wasted post or no one liked it or something is wrong. Theddy, you have consistently commented and I know you do it so I don't get to discouraged. THANK YOU!

This is one of Theddy's pictures.


  1. heh i have plenty of posts that do not get comments. for me though what is most discouraging is the fact that like the people that visit me. the people physically closest whom i would love to hear from almost never respond. except for Kyr. it is kinda sad that those here around me whom i can physically visit and whom i care about much never seem to care about what is going on but that i get those who live in other states and countries to be there for me when i need someone. Much like real life! Hell the people that up til recent events have visited me the most were from Toledo or Cleveland or Youngstown. all in Ohio. Toledo being rather far away.

    Also speaking of odd and no comments and such. I have a few pieces in my FA account that for some reason or another have never received a view. though one of them have been favourited by someone! how the hell did that happen.

  2. I know it's a bitter truth in the online writing world that people read and enjoy and only rarely comment. It seems it might be true for art as well. :) It is always a little maddening when a friend mentions, "Oh, when I read your story Such-n-Such," and I had no idea that person even read it because s/he didn't leave a comment. At the same time, there have been plenty of times when I've caught myself thinking (because I try to comment on everything--remember what I told you about having a problem with moderation? ;) that I can't write something thoughtful or meaningful or helpful enough and so should not reply at all. This while, many times, listening to the crickets myself and trying to decipher if they seem so loud because people are just busy, or are awed and don't know what to say, or just don't know how to politely tell me, "Dawn, please, do yourself a favor and quit now while you're ahead."

    A very rambling note just to say that I've had the same questions bouncing around in my mind too. :)