Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keeping it Wet

Looking at some of my older work that some of you may not have seen I have, "The Steel Koi". This is one of my more subtle works, and some think it should be more obvious that the one koi is metal. This is a mix of Acrylic and Prisma Colors. If I remember it was slightly smaller than 8 1/2 x 11 and it currently lives in Florida.


  1. where they swim idlly in a tranquil pond of OMG IT IS A HURRICANE!

    i likes this!

  2. What is with everyone and Koi.. looks cool your work does... but I don't get people and the Koi thing. They are like colorful catfish.

  3. While they do look a bit like catfish, they are a type of carp. The japanese have breed them for hundreds of years and have gotten amazing colors and variations. In a pond, they are calming and good for meditation.
    From an artistic point of veiw, they are fun to paint.

  4. @akirashima - We haven't had a hurricane really hit Central Florida in quite a while. They tease us around the edges.

    At some point, we will actually get around to HANGING the art. We've only been in the house... almost three years now.