Monday, March 23, 2009

Callum and the Faeries

Here is a picture with lots of detail in it. Callum is the son of friends of mine and I did this portrait for them. I tried to make it fit the child who I had only met a couple times. His mother was amazed that I had picked up on things that fit him as well as I had. He recognised himself when he saw it (his father told me) and his mother loved the picture. Thanks to Brian Froud for the concept and a few posses.


  1. Tristan:

    There are indeed a number of "hidden" images in this portrait. I enjoyed seeing an updated image of batboy; is this the look you're now preferring for him?

    Do you want us to provide a list of the hidden things we spot? And, regarding your comment that your journal (weble -- sorry!) readers aren't as observant as the average Joe Schmuckatelli, tell us which painting you feel was slighted. Did you embed hidden Atlantian script in the grass patterns you highlighted? (And it's too bad you can't create a stamp or something to quickly replicate those, but, then, if you had, it wouldn't be a Tristan Alexander masterpiece, now would it?) Does the faint rainbow effect on the faeries' gossamer wings impart some subtle clue as to the height of the sun at the time this portrait was envisaged? Are the bumps on the log that Callum's holding something other than bumps?

    I'm only being partially facetious here. There's nothing wrong with slipping in a little nod here and there in your work. But, if you're expecting we, your adoring fans, to comment every time we notice something like that, I think it's only fair to let said fan base know that there's more to a particular posting than initially meets the eye.

    And, while you're thanking Brian Froud, you might also want to thank Wendi Pini; your batboy looks very much like her elves (other than the fact that he has four fingers and a thumb).

    And, lest I forget, the portrait itself is wonderful. I especially like Collum's eyes. I need to learn how to paint eyes!!!


  2. Jon, It is not that I exspect anyone to note all my details or catch any little secret I impart but I did something to one of my slightly older posts and no one has noticed or commented on it. I was just surprised becuase I know you are all usually observant people.

  3. Tristan:

    I've seen your change now and, as commented in your other entry, I found it humorous. But don't be too surprised when people don't comment on older entries, especially those that have scrolled past what BlogSpot considers the "end" of the current page. Outta sight, outta mind, my friend.

    The question now is, where's the little bugger gonna wind up next? ;)