Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spelling Error?

It has come to my attention that I may be spelling Weble wrong. As someone who knows that he is a very bad speller, I am willing to accept that I may have misspelled a word I made up. So, anyone who reads this gets a vote, should Weble be spelled "Weble" or "Webl"? Either way is fine by me, but as I said, others have pointed out that maybe Webl would be better as it stands for Web Log and there is no "e" in log.

Let me know what you all think.


  1. It should be "Weble." This is more creative and easier to read than "Webl," which sounds like a rude German nickname. When you adopted it, I thought it was a combination of "Web" and "Fable." Or "Web" and "Bubble." Webubble. Weeble Wobble.

  2. Tristan:

    Since you coined the term, spell it how you wish to spell it.

    I will confess that, when I see it, I do not "hear" the word "web-l" in my head. I hear "web-lee" instead. If you looked at it like a Kryptonian term, then "Web-el" would be the way it would be spelled and pronounced. But I suspect that you're not wanting to stick the hyphen in there; were it omitted, this would then become "Webel," similar to "Babel," which would still sound correct.

    Still, I come back to my original statement. You coined the phrase; spell it how you wish.


  3. I vote for keeping it as-is! :) It's phonetic; otherwise, it's difficult to know how it is pronounced. If people prefer the other spelling, that's fine too. You know you're onto something on the Internet when people start coming up with alternate versions of your idea!

  4. Hmmm, I am glad that most seem to think it's MY word and I can spell it how I want. I like Jon's Kryptonian idea and Pyra's "Web Fable" idea. I guess in the end it can be spelled how people want but Weble or Webel seems the best ones to me. I think maybe Webl is starting to be to "computer shorthand" a bit lazy even but again, if some spell it that way, I won't complain. Remember Weble's are active living things and things change on them. I have editted several posts to make them neater or add things I missed when I first posted them.

  5. it should be spelled Arachnaetabla! :P

    either way ti gets spelled it makes me think it can wobble and not fall down. Gods weebles were my favourite toy growing up. besides colourforms! i have a ghost weeble i had played with for so long it had no more printing on it. so it was a glow in the dark egg. i loveded it. i wonder why you never see weebles around anymore. not even in my second hand wandering do you see the old ones anymore. just the newer crapier ones. they should just be a wobbly egg with no three d features!