Thursday, March 12, 2009

Decending into Madness

So, if you write a Weble and you are the only one who reads it, is that like talking to yourself? And if so, does it mean your crazy? And if you ask questions like this knowing only you will respond to it (maybe you will), is that crazy also? This picture is from 1992 "Peliquin" from the Movie "Nightbreed".


  1. Tristan perhaps you should be careful who you show these self-portraits to.

    I post something on "Art By-Products" every day and hardly ever get comments (though I am getting more these days). Don't worry about it. People are looking but are too lazy to comment.

  2. Loved the Movie, Love the Blog! What more is there to say? :)

  3.'s a Weble!! I hate the word "blog"!! LOL, glad you like it.

  4. Tristan:

    Wonderful work here. And I always thought I was the only person who saw and enjoyed this movie! ;)


  5. Jon, it is a big Favorite of mine (wish we could have seen it together). I just wish the movie had stayed truer to the book (cause the main male charachter would have been nude most of the time). Clive Barker did a great book to go with the movie with TONS of drawings and pre production and behind the scenes pictures. It shows alot more "monsters" in detail than you see in the movie. Most are only seen very quickly or in the background. They did AMAZING makeup monster work for this movie. Barker being gay doesn't hurt for my loving his work and some of the "monsters" you only see quickly are "anatomically correct" males. I am sure he had a hand (no pun intended) in them being done properly.

  6. BAH it is not too lazy to comment it is trying to figure out that weird word of the moment! at least for me when i am able to post at all. but that is something with my computer/browser

    Also it takes time to get a following. it took me over a year to get any sort of following in FA. i barely get anything on the photos i post on Flikr or Photobucket or DA. took me a long time to get any real notice on VCL and i had only a handful of friends on LJ for the longest time too.

    though i still think you need to start posting art on some of the bigger gallery pages out there too and leave links to your weble (so does it woble and not fall down?)

  7. OK, seeing how I get when I post to just ONE thing and don't get much response, do you REALLY think it would be good or smart for me to post on multiple sites??

    Feel free to spred my art around and my Weble address. It's a computer thingy, it niether wobbles NOR falls down!