Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Huge Work

OK, this is old but I just got a good picture of it last weekend. I did this when my SCA group became a Barony (about 15 years ago). It was done on a Queen size sheet, light blue. I just added the arms of everyone who has served as Baron or Baroness (those are the Shields on the central column). It looks great in a dimly lit hall at an event.


  1. This is such a beautiful piece. And I am in awe of some of the large pieces you do; I find large pieces really intimidating. In contemplating the illumination I've been working on (for the last year *ahem*), I think I will be much more comfortable in the future at half- or third-size. So the idea of a queen-sized sheet? Being made into a painting?? That looks good??? *bows humbly* :)

  2. Tristan:

    This is an amazing piece. That you can work on any scale, on practically any medium, with practically any material, is astounding. I'm reminded of the 8-foot-tall pseudoskull you painted for one of the Haunted Houses I designed. The forced perspective on that really helped to sell the illusion that the patrons of the house were being swallowed by the skull.

    Should you ever contemplate a work like this backdrop again, may I suggest (most humbly, at the feet of the master!) that you look into using WildFire paints? Some of these are invisible in normal light but become visible under ultraviolet light. That would allow you to create one piece that could "transform" into a nighttime version of the same piece without having to have two different works. Just a thought.


  3. And something like this as a backdrop to the pond garden at the shop would be keen. just you know hinting! Also while i am back tracking through all the entries today before i eat the breakfast and take the meds and such i wanted to say i should be getting to that forwarded message that you sent me friday. considering i was gone all saturday and sunday and monday and even today i have been feeling like crap. Oh and I figured out which day of the week does not end in Y! tomorrow!