Friday, June 5, 2009

Fickle Finger of Furries

Well, it looks like my great response from posting on FurAfinity was just me being the "flavor of the month". I know how things are and that people have better things to do than post comments on Websites, Webles, LJs etc. But I guess my personality needs to have some response or I feel posting things is pointless. I mean the Internet has MORE than enough crap on it and I don't need to add to that.

I don't think I posted this already (hope not). I was happy with this and enjoyed doing it but so far it hasn't sold. "Silverhair", 6 x 11 (I think, being to lazy to go measure it), Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil on Canson board. Done in 2006.


  1. it is not so much about being a flavour of the month as much as the ebb and flow of the tides of people being busy and not busy. A lot of artists are gearing up for AC right now (i know i am trying) and i know i get watchers in waves and then nothing. even when i am posting a lot of art or nothing. like i have not posted anything in a while and i have gotten three new waters several new favourites and some comments on older stuff all of the sudden. it is just the ebb and flow nature of reality. do not let it give you despair. and i would have been commenting but well you read my LJ and know i have been having a hella time of late.... which does not seem to be entirely over yet.

    now unto the arts!

    there is something a little unbalanced with this for some reason i cannot put my finger on. something subtle somewhere. i think there is a lack of balance betweeen the weight of elements from the middle up and the middle down. like it is top heavy.

    also it is lacking a flavour component. there is a refreshing mint flavour and hints of snow and green but something is missing. if i was making a recipe based on this i think it would need a touch of cinnamon or cloves or something earthy and spicey to combine with the flavours. i think that may translate as more contrast. maybe a darker background or something... i am not sure. whatever it is it is very subtle and very ephemeral. The composistion is strong to me, a nice flow. i am just not able to put a finger on it.

  2. I have to agree with Akirashima's comment, as I know that my commenting on anything anywhere is at least partially a function of having time to do so.

    I like the jewelry/tatoos on his arm and hip. What he's holding is interesting, as it seems to by crystal, as I ca see a bit of him through it.

  3. I don't see anything off balance wise with this. I love the tatoos and I am pretty happy with the crystal.

  4. This busy mom is always running around a lot, but I always promise myself moments where I can sit down and enjoy fantastic work like yours Tristan :)

    Silver Hair seems to be gazing at something, is he holding a crystal spear? I can't tell if he's on the hunt as he has found his prey or that he is in awe about something. Or perhaps he is contemplating about something else :)

  5. never said anything was wrong with the tats or crystal

    simply that somthing is very subtly off. it may be something only someone with my obviouslt unique way of seeing tasting feeling images would pic up. i have no idea. it is as i said very subtle and fleeting