Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And the Digital Masterbation Continues

If I manage to go a year without shutting this thing down I might learn to just ignore the lack of comments, feedback, etc. BUT that is a big IF! And just so anyone reading this knows, just because it's an old post does not mean I don't check it for comments. If there is ANY post you wish to comment on, please do. I will read it I assure you.

So here is a "hot" picture that is one of 4 done as an Elemental Pyramid. Each element; Fire, Water,Earth and Air where done as male figures and I actually had a physical pyramid made from the 4 pictures. The background beyond the triangle is added to make this printable as a card. Done on matt board in Acrylics. I think it was about 6 inches tall.

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  1. Well, with a title like that, I'd think you'd at least draw readers, if not comments. ;) Given my acknowledged love of "flame" gradients, this is lovely and, again, the play of light on the skin is enviable! :)