Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big in Japan

This is one of my all time favorite pictures. It is one of those pictures that goes beyond my normal ability. It lives in Japan (with the folding screen). It was bought by my friend Philip for his boyfriend (who is Japanese) and was my first picture to go to Japan. This picture also was the victim of a vandal during it's first showing at a convention. Someone took a marker and defaced it and another picture of mine. The people at the con were all supportive and the art show paid for the art and gave it back to me to fix if I could. Thankfully someone who did art conservation gave me some tips and I was able to repair the damage (I can still see where it was fixed, but it really is almost as good as new). The other picture, while repaired just did not repair as well and is still scarred in my opinion. After that I started putting everything under plastic and now everything is framed under glass, so this won't easily happen again.

Another friend says this picture is not Fantasy or Sci Fi, it is Zen! I like that. "Floating Lotus" 16 x 20, Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil on Canson board.


  1. Yes, with the birds singing outside and the Sun finally shining, looking on this does give a sense of peace. :) Beyond that (pun intended), the intricacy of the flora and the green leaves against the blue sky are just lovely.

    And I am seething that anyone would vandalize the work of another as was done to you. I'm glad the picture could be mostly salvaged.

  2. no akirashima said;
    well you know i loved this one. but i never knew about the marker incident. OMG I WOULD HAVE BEEN FRUIOUS! i know i was when someone in high school defaced a painting i was working on. kept me from using paint for a while too i was angry. it could have been put away if it had not been oils but they drew in it and on it (you know how a pencil or paint knife can carve into oils...) and then glued a pinecone to the firgures crotch... yeah angry was not the word. so out of curioisty where is the scar on this one. i cannot tell right off but then i know that even if you covered it up to the point an expert would take a week to spot it you will always see it. i know i see every tiny screw up in my own art.

  3. Theddy/Akirashima, I was sick with anger when it happened. They scribbled over his crotch area. It was NOT easy to clean up and rematch the paint, but it worked pretty well. On the other one the paint just never matched up with the original in the repaired areas...some people are bigger idiots than most and I guess I ran into some real big ones at that con. But, the support, love and positive energy from SO many people at the con that year (when they learned/saw what had hapend)was amazing and almost made up for the trama and stupidity of the attack on my work.

  4. and i bet they thought they were being all righteous and fighting the good fight too.. It amazes me what people will do when they think they have the moral high ground when in fact that are being immoral doing it. I have those thoughts too but at least i recognize them as something hurtful and do not act on them (though my evil thoughts are about those that harm trees) and it is good that you got support. i just got told i should have found a better place to put the painting. and there was not even any nudity in mine so i have no idea WHY they may have done it other than kicks...

  5. I like the play on words for the tile, referring either to the boy or the plants floating on the water.

    And as for the attack on the painting, I am sad to say I'm not shocked it happend. Discusted, yes, but I know there are very narrowminded people out there who can't seem to bear to see anything that doesn't fit in their narrow world view. (Not to mention people who don't think before they act.) I am glad you were able to at least fix this painting up to your staisfaction

  6. And I just realized I can't spell...