Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Poor Attempt

This is a picture I did inspired by some of Hannah's geometric/space pictures. I am posting it to give some idea what the "Tristan and Hannah Collide" picture was based on. Her work in this style is of course far better as it is her own creation/style but as I have no right to post any of her work I can only post this "tribute" to that style. "Ode to Hannah" done on 9 x 12 black paper with Acrylics.


  1. I think Spattered star fields would have worked better. the stars are too planned. they all look very deliberate. i have noticed the best star scapes are often just paint spatters. very controlled and refined ones but spatters none the less. i think it is due to the random patterns, size differences, and feel of billions of stars that it gives.

  2. Funny, I bet you are one of the few people who can see a difference. Yes, all my stars are placed one by one.

  3. well i did spend a lot of time staring at them as a kid so i remember seeing deep into the stars to see what were naught but the tiniest specks of seeming glowing dust.