Monday, April 13, 2009

Long, Picture

I'm not sure I love the title of this one but it was all I could think of (suggestions are welcome). I could have worked longer on this one but sometimes you just have to know when to stop. It can lose flow and become stiff or overworked if you keep going after it is at a certain point. The Snow Leopard is one of my favorite animals (this one is slightly anthropomorphic). I have a nice long frame that made me think of doing this (and then I did it smaller for a different frame). "Tibetan Temple Spirit", Acrylics and watercolor colored pencil on Canson board, aprox. 17 x 8. Picture 29.


  1. I like the "tail ring" on your snow leopard creature, and also the golden column base designs.
    I think he is a "were-snow-leopard" who is partially transformed or in the process of transforming to his humanoid form.

  2. What an amazing picture, this leopard must feel so at home there, probably being worshipped as a Goddess. (I have been following your feed for a while, just hadn't had the time to say something that would have more words than: oh wow!

  3. YAY snowleopard goodness! Taking a break soaking up the heat of the sun in the coldness of the upper Himalayas. i wonder how hard it is to get Demon out of your claws. i know it takes forever or a long soak in the classic swimming hole to get just dirt out of mine.

    very nice. also interesting how everyone has a differing view of the subject.

    Also have you ever eaten a poptart that went off.. it tastes like lighter fluid with vanilla..... rather disgusting. also has a hint of penicillin

  4. There is definitely some anthropomorphism going on here, and that's what draws me in beyond, "Oh! Pretty cat!" She looks like she's thinking or planning something ... I wonder what? (There I go again! :)