Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Very Different "Art"

Still not the new one I was working on but this is something I did accidentally. I am NOT a fan of abstract art, but having said that I can see "art" or patterns/pictures in almost anything. Cracks on the ground, shadows, a pile of rocks etc. This "picture" was painted by me by accident. It is on our downstairs bathroom wall. A wall that is in the process of being redone, having old tiles removed and being repainted. I used the wall as a place to hang large canvas' to paint other things on and this is what was left when what was on the wall got paint on it from bleed through of what I was painting on the canvas. I had seen the paint on the wall many times and just a couple days ago I saw a pattern in it. It resembled an impressionistic landscape. So I took a picture of it and cropped it down to this. "Accidental Landscape".


  1. Leave it as a Mural :) It's kinda cool

  2. i stopped doing abstract and such art because i got tired of people Insulting it or not understanding it at all or otherwise telling me it was not real art. and i really enjoyed doing it too.

    this is awesome and it very much resembles impressionist art. perhaps next time you work on big canvas put up some boards or smaller canvas behind it to catch the bleed and see if you can play with that.

  3. Tristan:

    This work reminds me of a bunch of quasi-amorphous spirits swirling around above a grassy coastline. It could have been in the foothills below Bald Mountain. ;)

    While I'm not normally one who "goes for" impressionistic art (and, between thee and me, Ol' Art should stop doing impressions!), I, too, find this "accident" fascinating.

  4. I do that too: see images in ordinary things. Our bathroom wall is this fake marble tile, and there is a wizard shooting a beam of light from his hand and a large winged creature there in the swirls of color. Once I saw an orc, but haven't been able to find him since. One day, I'm going to have a seat in front of that wall (*ahem* ;) and write a poem or a story about the different creatures playing there.

    I can certainly see the landscape here, but I also see, in the top section, two vague figures that almost look like griffins (probably from your griffins that I was just looking at!) but not quite. They remind me of angels or spirits in the air presiding over the land. One looks angry. I wonder what they are ...

    Darn it, I have to go out in a short while, and you're making me want to write! ;)