Saturday, April 25, 2009

And The Winner Is...Dawn!

Since I value comments so much and since Dawn just posted a TON of them, I thought I would reward her. She has a slight "fondness" for Elves and this is one of my best (in my opinion). Influenced by early Froud works this is "Elven Truelight" done on watercolor paper in a Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil. I think it is 8 1/2 x 11 (it could be 9 x 14 it was done several years ago, so I don't really remember). Thank You Dawn.


  1. Yaaaaaay! :D Thank you! (And you're welcome too. :) I promised you a bunch of comments at once, and I had more than an hour before I had to leave to pick up my sister and s-i-l on Friday so ...

    He could be one of the Telerin/Sindarin Elves that stayed behind looking for their king Elu before the Sun rose. Actually, it could be Elu. He supposedly spent centuries staring into the eyes of a beautiful goddess; I've always believed that they must have done more than just stare. ;)

  2. Tristan, this is not meant to be ignorant.

    Have you found anyway to censor your art? Meaning like this piece, say someone was to come up and say I really love this piece but I need it to be censored for where it’s going to be displayed. What would you do? If anything.

  3. Russ (sobering up??)

    First, mostly if someone doesn't want "naughty bits" showing, I suggest I do a commission for them to their specs so it has what they want and not what they don't. IF they really love a picture and just can't deal with OMG nudes, then depending on who it is and what the picture is, I can TRY and alter the print so it doesn't show what they don't want to see. But I hate censoring my work and would try to come up with some other answer before I would alter the print. But it can be done.

  4. no akirashima said;
    i have never seen this piece before. i really like the light in it. have you had this one in the shop. i would think i would remember this one.

  5. Theddy/Akirashima, I am pretty sure I have had it in the shop as it is an older picture. But you mst have missed it. Glad you like it, and the light is one of the things I like to. There is a real otherworldly feel to it (I think) and I am amazed I did it.