Friday, April 17, 2009

Living in Japan

This was commissioned by a friend and when I did it he was living in Philly, he now lives in Japan (as does the screen). He had an old screen and I covered it with large art paper and painted on that. He specified the subject matter and I enjoyed doing it allot. I still enjoy the background and want to do more screens ...someday. Not sure of the size, large at least 5 feet tall and maybe 4 feet long over all? Not sure but it was allot of work and trying to get the picture to "flow" around the framing and look like it was behind it was not easy. Acrylic on heavy grey art paper.


  1. I love the emerald green forest fading into gold in the background.
    I wonder whether they have Centaurs in Japanese mythology?

  2. I am always so impressed by your large art. I feel most comfortable working in teensy-tiny spaces and cannot even imagine where to begin with a piece like this! (Or others that I've seen that you've done.)

    The placement of the figures in relation to the shape of the screen works really well for me. It's almost like they're peering around the edges of the screen at the same time as they are looking at each other, if that makes any sense.