Friday, April 3, 2009

New But Not New

This is one of the few pictures I have done this year that I haven't posted yet. Done back at the beginning of the year (almost 4 months ago), it was the first I think. The kanji says "Mountain Warrior" which is the name of the picture. Inspired by Japanese prints, it is done on illustration board, acrylics and watercolor colored pencil and is approximately 7 x 17.


  1. Tristan I love it! I never thought of a griffin in Japanese mode before. And your drawing and colors are beautifully delicate. Bravo! or perhaps, "Hai! Ichiban!"

  2. i love the patterns used for the feathers here. very awesome. almost like it should be on a kimono

  3. Although I know very little about Asian art, the style fits just beautifully. Of all things, I love the background. It is simple and delicate--lovely! :)