Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This was done as the cover for a future book of my women (someday I hope it and the many other books I have laid out get printed). The idea behind this is to show all 4 elements, most are self explanatory but her body represents Earth. I know she is a bit thin, but I used a photo of a ballet dancer as my model and I beefed her up some believe it or not. But again, she is to represent all Goddess' not any one and so she is thin (some are some aren't). There is allot of this that came out great as far as I am concerned. The original is 16 x 20, Acrylics on Canson board.


  1. Boobs are too big for my liking. I love the hiar though, and the water looks quite real.

  2. I would have not noticed her as "too thin," but until recently, I was that thin, so her bony body doesn't gross me out anymore than my own did! :D Also, I didn't find her boobs too big at all. Most fantasy art, I think, they would be twice that size! (And now, I suppose, we see the over-analysis of women's bodies compared to men! We should all stick with penises! :D)

    Anyway. The different elements in the piece work really well together, I think. I love the water. (I know, I always comment on backgrounds, but I've always admired people who can draw believable seascapes. It seems like it would be difficult to me.) And she reminds me of Venus rising from the sea, only much more badass and no conveniently placed globs of foam for her! :)