Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh Bats!!

Blogs, Webles, Live Journals (do those die if you don't feed them?) all have connections and through one of my friends LJ I found this on someone elses; "My favorite tidbit was that more people die of food poisoning at church picnics every YEAR than have died of contact with bats in all of human history." Now, I don't know the person who wrote this but I LOVE Bats and it drives me nuts when idiots make stupid statements about them being bad, getting in your hair, carrying diseases etc. So I love this quote and I believe it also! Support Bats, buy a Bat House (mine never attracted any :( but I tried). The picture is an older one of my Vampyre, Valentene with some friends.


  1. I love bats. They live in the roof of my apartment building and when I hear them squeaking I know that they are out of hibernation and spring is coming. They eat lots of harmful bugs and their aerobatics are beautiful to watch as they fly through the twilight.

  2. thats sounds like something from Ursula Vernon's LJ which is always hillarious. and why i was trying to get you to get an LJ so you could friend a lot of these other awesome artists and insane people. :) Also have you gotten a Fur Affinity page yet. Also Also speaking of things you may enjoy. if you go to deviant art. (set up an account just for viewing artists. it is worth it) there is a Guy by the handle of cable9tuba. he does a lot of artistsic nudes and they are awesome. I would link you to an image but without an account you would not see anything since adult art is behind a blind. but it is really nice stuff. good poses and interesting places. i am still going through his directory taking images that give good ref (and sexy men) Hey i admit to it.

    I have been thinking of getting some red neck entertainment and getting a bug zapper. they bring in more than bugs. at night you get bats zipping in and out. and during the day birds eating the fried bugs. and of course the awesome of seeing man made lightening cooking certain biting insects. I would probably put a sifting screen on it so i could capture the moths and such for my frogs while the smaller mosquitoes and such go right on it.

  3. I've always only barely restrained myself against people and their stupid myths about animals. Bats included. Why are people so bloody afraid of them? Do they harbor the same unreasonable fears of chipmunks and bluebirds, I wonder?

    I love that quote and will have to remember it. I should broaden my earlier statement to include not just "stupid myths and fears about animals" but "stupid myths and fears about everything," like the people who hyperventilate about being involved in a plane crash but have no qualms about cruising down I-70 at 80 mph, five feet from my bumper, with a coffee cup in one hand and a cell phone in the other. Or people who worry about mice and bats and beetles and then eat a half-raw hamburger.

    I'm going to stop now before my misanthropism spirals out of control!